We view insurance acquisition as the beginning of a working relationship, not as a single commodity purchase. We are not oriented to one-time transactions; we are focused on becoming long-term insurance advisors to our clients. Our focused experience and in-depth industry knowledge allow us to provide unparalleled design strategies and implementation solutions for the unique needs of corporations, their top executives, and private affluent individuals.

To this end, the principals of Wealth Advisory Group, LLC,—Jack Schumacher, and Jim Montemer—together with their associates—Larry Ingber, William Staake, Cynthia Maxwell and Thomas Moore—have more than 147 years of specialized experience. Our team is committed to advanced education and industry credentials as demonstrated by: two MBA degrees, one Juris Doctorate, one CFP (Chartered Financial Planner), and four MDRT and Top of the Table qualifiers.

We take pride in our contributions to many life insurance industry organizations because of our belief that excellence begets excellence. Ultimately, the American public and our clients will reap the benefits of insurance advisors who are versed in relevant, up-to-date data based on industry knowledge and research; advisors who can and will deliver results to solve their clients’ problems in a timely fashion.